Access to the Court for the Pro Se Litigant

Access to the Court for the Pro Se Litigant

GRADE: F – Definition. The conduct of the judges and officers of the court are clearly below the minimum legal requirements of the U.S and State constitution. The Pro Se litigant is likely subject to treatment that may qualify as criminal conduct.


The author began his legal journey in 1987 having been charged with a crime, then in 1990 charged with another crime where in Washington state the prosecutor hot wired the legal system to get his conviction just like a car thief hot wires a stolen car… or a pimp tells lies to his victims so they sell their bodies, their honor and their dignity so he can get some twisted form of temporary sexual bliss.

I did not know a cite from a statute. In following months and years I would experience the legal rape of the four generations of life savings spanning back to my grandparents estate from before WWI (World War One) to the present day 2015 having seen Parental Rights hotwired and stolen, my children literally (not figuratively) raped at knifepoint with impunity where the perpetrator is known and living within a few miles of the prosecutor also in Washington State.

In Florida access to the court, due process, state and federal constitution, the rule of law and dignity of the citizens judges and attorneys are sworn to serve are given the same treatment equivalent to toilet paper. The Pro Se litigant in Florida is in for worse treatment than a real life Steven King size nightmare, trouble is you just can’t wake up to get out of it. It has driven many to suicide, then covered by the press.

The High Price of Justice

The Pro Se litigant is there because he has not the money to hire an attorney. He is the poor class who can’t afford the services of the legal advocate whose services start at about ten times the hourly rate as what he makes – $250.00 per hour and up.

The next step in the downward spiral is Pro Se litigant is forced to represent himself or abandon his constitutional rights, which means abandon his family, constitutional rights, his name, reputation or life savings to the violence of predatory courts and officers of the courts who will certainly do violence much worse than a physical beating which heals after time; the violence done to the Pro Se litigant lasts for generations long after his death; is committed in secrecy under the color of law.

Favorite Tricks of the Courts

The first favorite trick of the courts and the officers of the court is getting hearing time or the lack of it. In fifteen years of Florida state courts I have never gotten hearing time whether in civil or criminal court. In Family (destruction) court the judges and JA’s will not grant me hearing time regardless of constitutional issues, health emergencies, parenting time, enforcement of court orders or state law. On the other hand I watch repeatedly opposing attorneys and judges who grant hearings for every asinine and inane thing.

When I insisted on hearing time I was branded as a “Vexatious Litigant” where I was then forbidden to file anything as a Pro Se litigant which eliminated my parental rights, constitutional rights, rule of law and subjected my son and myself of legal rape without bounds. Simply put, what resulted in the following ten years was a legal gang rape without restraint. I watched my son decompensate into drug induced Parental Alienation, disenfranchisement, from a near A student to flunking in and out of deep depression, isolation and suicide held captive in the web of a narcissistic, sociopathic mother complicit with Family (destruction) courts.

The damage from these “Family” courts are far worse than any crime syndicate; they are committed under the “best interest” of the child color of law; in reality are unbridled legal rape perpetrated on the most helpless members of our society – our children.

I challenge any party to the court – especially in Florida to show the Pro Se litigant has received hearing time upon request. If so, please blog it here in the reply to this article.

The second favorite trick of the Family (destruction) courts is delegating the drafting of the court order to the opposing attorney. The simile compares to handing over a chicken to the fox to watch over it.

If the Pro Se litigant gets a hearing – which in 100% of my cases I appearing responding to their asinine legal abuse, whether or not the judge verbalizes a favorable ruling, the judge then delegates the task of writing the court order to the opposing attorney. At that point like the hot-wired stolen car, the attorney hijacks the whole legal process by drafting the court order into an unrecognizable exercise of destroying the Pro Se litigant, his child, his name, his finances, constitutional rights and the entire legal process. Simply put, by fraud and fraud upon the court the attorney destroys the legal process with impunity because any complaint to the Bar Association will result in reinforcement of the attorneys malfeasant conduct with complicity.

The Scope of the Problem

This problem has reached the level of severity where the fabric of our society is degenerating into fascist disorder under the color of law. We are witnessing our society degenerate into chaos because the rule of law doesn’t exist to protect our families or basic constitutionally protected liberty interests. See the following verification of the problem:

see Http://



Daily Business Review | Article | April 15, 2015

Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga joined the chief justices from Kentucky, Texas and Tennessee on Wednesday [April 15] at a U.S. Senate staff briefing on the topic “Litigants Without Lawyers: Equal Justice Under Threat in State Courts.” The discussion was moderated by Legal Services Corp. President James J. Sandman. The panel spoke about access to legal services and the problems posed by millions of pro se litigants crowding state courts. In Florida, Labarga launched the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice, which met for the first time in January.

Contact your representative – protect your rights, family and preserve our nation for future generations.


The unreachable high price of justice to employ a do-nothing lawyer to enter into the legal system where the Bar Association operates without accountability or competition is a losing game for any litigant unless you’re one of the “good ol’ boys” you lose period, with or without an attorney. Here the results include destruction of the authors employability, foreclosure of home, career, family – the estrangement of family members, wrongful criminal convictions, disenfranchisement from church attendance and more. When we say our system is “broken” we need to contemplate what the concept of “broken” implies.

Contact your representative to demand restoration of our legal system.