Seriously Psycho on Syria: BHO – Butt Hurt Obama



Having been born in ’53 (do the math) I have recently witness likely the most brilliant political move by Vladimir Putin during my lifetime; possibly well before that.   Vladimir seriously exposed the entire western fraudulent (gross understatement)  clambake by moving his military into Syria…but then sending those muslim child murdering rapos running for their lives doing more damage in a few days than Butt Hurt Obama did in two years of playing patty cake with our enemies (and his friends).

Putin did more damage to Isis in several days than the west did in or more two years.  This is profoundly more than a brilliant military strategy on Putin’s part; but, rather he exposed the whole fraud on the part of this administration; there is no covering up for the financing and support of Isis by the rainbow man in the whitehouse

The reader should know that the reason Putin changed Obama’s name to BUTT HURT OBAMA from BARAK INSANE OBAMA is that Putin kicked his ass so hard in Syria that BHO now wears his ass up around his ears; it will be sore for many years; probably well beyond BUTT HURT’S passing to the next life where he mistakenly thinks 72 virgins await… oops that only counts for straight guys.

Kenya Birth place of BObamaPutin not only took the high moral ground, but exposed lies, fraud, murder and rape financed by the friends of murderous muslims.  He also exposed the libelous slander the west has concocted against Assad in Syria.  The list goes on.  Putin has established his legacy in history as a true statesman; he is the absolute opposite of Butt Hurt Obama.

Putin has clearly lead his nation Russia against our common enemy Isis by taking the moral high ground; on the other hand the rainbow man BHO Obama has led the nation of the USA through the toilet, not only in the middle east but every policy decision during this tyrannic hijacking of everything that is dear to it’s citizens and forefathers.

ObamaMuslimLargeRT News recently said Putin gave Obama “butt hurt”; personally, I’ve been laughing for a week and still can’t stop; however, the “butt hurt” comment could also be prophetical… think about the initials:

Barak Hussein Obama = BHO

Butt Hurt Obama = BHO.

Somebody please help, I can’t stop laughing.  Wait, when I think of those Isis atrocities that Butt Hurt Obama is complicit with I stop laughing; I cry with an intense outrage that mobilizes me against this murderous tyranny eclipsing the Nazi holocaust of those innocents in the Middle East; too horrific to repeat anywhere.

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